The difference between love and lust!

In talking to the single women out there these days, sisters, nieces, daughters, cousins and friends, it seems it doesn’t matter what age you but the men out there have become shits. It seems it’s all too true that the nice guys are nabbed young and the bad guys are left for all of the rest of the poor unfortunate ladies.
So what’s going on? You can slag off the 60’s and 70’s all you want but there were a lot more mannerly young men out there. Yes, I’m sure they had their high sexual need that motivated their manners, but at least they had manners! They asked you to dance, they bought you a drink and they dated you a few times before they got down to the nitty gritty of their needs. And then they didn’t dump you afterwards either! They were happy to have a relationship with you and wine and dine you… and treat you like a lady!
Yes, they were the days and unfortunately, it seems that those days of gentlemen are gone forever.
The ‘New Man’ of today meets the lucky lady at the club. Their eyes meet, the girl/woman feels a connection and they go straight into kissing. Granted, a half litre of vodka may have graced their mouths first and given them the confidence of inhibition. There’s great passion involved and the girl/woman thinks at this point she’s met her soulmate because he misleads her to believe that with his tender touching and holding her in a special way that sends shivers inside her.  When they can’t go any further in the bar, they quickly head back to someone’s car, flat or even around the back of the club will do. It doesn’t take long. The new man has no intention of calling the number she gives him and then the heartache begins. She thought he had showed genuine feelings during their interlude and he was just putting on the charm. How did she read it so wrong? Can a woman really ever tell the difference between a man’s lustful feelings and genuine love? It seems we can’t.
 The guy is just too good an actor.
 The new man doesn’t want a girlfriend. He just wants a ride. As I say, they come in all ages.
 The young guys don’t want to be stuck with a girlfriend that costs him lots of money especially since he has no problem having regular sex with a new girl each week.
 The older guy has just come out of a marriage and definitely doesn’t want to go back there again, so he’s happy to take the sex and go. And then there’s the men who cheat on their wives and don’t have to make a commitment.
The new men need to watch out. The women of today take great care of their looks and their style. They’re very pretty. They’re most likely bright smart women. And they are copping on to the difference between lust and love.
Pretty soon it will be you guys who will be left on the shelf and the woman will have the last laugh.xx

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