‘Craggy Island!’

I don’t know if anyone remember’s ‘Father Ted’, the very funny Irish TV sitcom from the 90’s? Basically it was laughing at our mad Irish selves with our then core Catholicism and the basis of our every day lives being priests and nuns. It was set in the west of Ireland and it made me laugh. I can tell you it had the best cast of fabulous actors, Father Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) Mrs Doyle (Pauline McLynn), Father Jack (Frank Kelly) and the brilliant Dermot Morgan who played Father Ted himself. The series came to a sad end because of Dermot Morgan’s untimely death.
Anyway, what’s my point?
Well, I can honestly tell you, I love holidaying in Ireland. Even the unreliable weather doesn’t put me off. We really do have a beautiful scenic Country. So, I didn’t hesitate when my sisters where planning to come to Trabolgan Holiday Village, South Cork for this week in July. As I’ve never been to Trabolgan before, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. But I should have known, ‘Craggy Island’ is alive and well, as we are well and truly here! And I can honestly tell you, the minute us Sutton sisters start planning a holiday, the sun goes in and the rain comes down. You could’ve mistakenly taken yesterday the 11th July for a grey November day. But did that dampen our spirits? No, not us Irish, we will not be defeated! So we donned our shorts and sunscreen, (just in case!) and got on with things. There’s quite a gang of us Dub’s, (17 in this group) of kids and adults alike. The kids were initially traumatised with no network or wifi anywhere to be got, (there is a small bit of wifi in the coffee shop) but soon realised they better all start talking to each now they’d nothing else to do! We started off with the outdoor activities that included a not unimpressive racing track, that the kids discovered the inner rally drivers! At 7 euros a go, it is quite expensive and you wouldn’t see your few bob going fast. Three times later and when the rain started to pelt down, we headed to the swimming pool. Where we put off with the slowest water slide in history? Not at all, the kids trudged on. I was the elected water mammy of the kids and surprised myself with the fun I had playing ball games with my gang of nine 9 to 15 year olds.  When I couldn’t keep the kids in the pool for a moment longer, we went to shower and change. Not for the faint hearted or the modest customer. I can only tell you it was hilarious!
We were all looking forward to the entertainment of the evening which included Bingo! And we nearly won too! After giving ‘Dumb and Dumber two’ (the entertainers from Craggy Island themselves) a good shot, we headed to the pub as one can only do in Ireland! And there was more Bingo with cash prizes! And we nearly won that too! The kids had a grand time playing one lane bowling after waiting in turn for a couple of hours. Sure it gave us a chance for a relaxing pint! And they won thousands of those ticket things that got them a lovely lollipop in the little shop just before they closed at 10 o clock!
I’m not laughing at you Trabolgan, I’m laughing with you!
And the kids, are they miserable? Absolutely not! They’re having a great time!
xx Jean

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