Sea Swimming!

So I continued to struggle with my mental health since my last post.

Life is tough. A mother has so many jobs. Helping your children through their emotional turmoils and pain is heartbreaking. You want so much for your children to be healthy and happy and to not have the same struggles you had yourself.

As the numbers increase rapidly from family and friends and neighbours who take their own lives, we are all left shocked, saddened with genuine remorse for their pain. We can only offer verbal support to their families, knowing that they now have the hardest journey ahead of them, trying to figure out the mysterious puzzle of why.

Depression is an illness of the mind, it builds up from feelings of failure, guilt, shame, worry. It then effects the body disabling it in sleeping and eating. It then makes you too weak to wash, to participate. Depression doesn’t want pity. Like any Illness, rest, medication, nourishment and sleep will help the bad low to pass. I share about my illness of depression to others so that other sufferers know they are not alone. They are not strange. They are not weak. And that you can live a perfectly normal life with depression. You just have to listen to your body and take note. But what I do also is, I force myself to go out side into the fresh air and walk or swim . And then I have to breathe .and concentrate on the task, then the pain in your mind has to take a back seat. But for some, the mind is taken over completely.

The best way to describe this when it happens is that your mind is clogged with a fungus, where no rational thoughts or signals can travel.

Discovering why your mind is so ill by working with a GOOD psychologist is important and will help you get well. Knowing you have your family and friends support will also help.

I’ve started winter swimming in the sea and I can tell you, that really helps! The cold water shocks your brain cells and rearranges them! Your brain has to go into keeping warm mode and staying afloat in the icy cold water and then for that time, the fog in your head begins to move!

Give it a go!

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