The terrible thing about face book!

It’s all very well catching up on face book with friends, but when you get into the private chatting it can be really good until you make a mistake.
 I like writing chat because you can choose your words carefully and it’s a good way of keeping in contact with those of whom you no longer have the time or opportunity to visit.
As we all know family and friends can annoy us at times, like we can annoy or upset them. But never combine your annoyance with your chats on face book because disaster will inevitably strike, like it happened to me on Saturday.
I was chatting to three people at a go, very ambitious for me actually! While one chat was annoyed at me over an issue, I was bitching back about it on another chat. Now you know what happened don’t you? Yes, I posted it public!!  An accident of course, but serves me right! I put all this person’s personal information out there for the world to see, (Thankfully I got it down after 17 people saw it, but no excuses) Shame on me.
It wasn’t only bad for the said person, it was very bad for me.
It dragged me back down to that awful place of nastiness. I have worked really hard on myself over the past few years to be a genuine person. Finding myself, being true to myself, taking responsibility for my actions, changing into a better mother, sister, daughter, friend.  I’ve been doing a good job too. I’ve really focused on positivity and relinquished negativities and resentments and bitterness until this moment.
Things sometimes happen for a reason and maybe it forced some issues to the surface that needed to be addressed. But it takes you back a few steps into guilt and shame and that’s another thing that you now have to ask forgiveness for and to try to forgive yourself for being so imperfect.

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