I knew she was dead!

So here’s another young woman Karen Buckley now found dead in Glasgow. The young man only 21 apparently is the killer. What is wrong with these men? So, they want to rape, they want to control, they want to hurt, bad enough as all that is, at least the victim has a chance to recover, to live their life. But death, they can’t come back from that. How much effort must it take to kill the person, surely it must cross the killer’s mind during that effort, that he can stop, leave it now, walk away, take the lessor punishment that will come. But now, locked up for life, both families traumatized. But the loss of a daughter for these poor people. Who can help them live again? Free from immense pain and torment.
And that beautiful girl will never have her degree, will never have a wedding, will never be a Mother.
 Have these thoughts crossed your mind while you were squeezing the air from her lungs? Or are you too self absorbed in your own misery’s to realize that not only you have problems? Everybody has problems, worries, fears, issues, even that poor young girl that you’ve just taken the chance of her ever working it out away from her.
It’s pure selfish greed. The moment of anger, of hate, of resentment, of blame.
You fool.

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