My three huskies are like a naughty set of triplets!

  We’ve always had dogs in our life, all sorts of dogs. Labradors, Collies, King Charles, Red setters, West Hyland Terriors, I loved them all!
Seven years ago, we got our first Husky, a beautiful blue eyed dog with a red and white coat. We called her Skye. She behave’s like a true lady, Skye is almost angelic in nature and loves her family completely.
Three years ago, we re- homed a very hyper active Husky called Storm, he has one blue eye and one brown eye. Storm’s coat is black and white and Storm is like an ADHD teenager! He needs to be free and cries and cries until he is brought out for his much awaited run in the fields each day! Storm is adorable though and very loyal. Each morning he comes in the kitchen, he likes me to hug him first!
We then got out baby Sully a year ago from Dogs trust. We think he’s a half white German Shepard, he’s all white with a slightly golden mask and he has soft hazel eyes. Sully’s nose is slightly longer than the other two and he barks. Full Husky’s don’t bark, they howl!
Huskies are very intelligent dogs, they are also extremely sensitive. They love to be loved and to be included in family life. They need to be fed well and they need lots of exercise, but our huskies genetics  come from living obviously in Siberia. They hunt their food.
My lady Skye although angelic around humans will go after any small animal, cats,  rabbits, ducks and chickens. She is the leader of the pack and the other two will copy and follow her.
Living in Meath, we’re surrounded by farms. I’ve been lucky up until now to be able to let my guys off their leads and run free in the fields. Then Skye discovered baby calves. She rapidly caught her prey and was trying to pull it’s neck open. The other two quickly joined her. Luckily, I reacted fast. I screamed at my dogs and the baby calf escaped back to it’s mother unharmed. I had to keep yelling and chased them way down into the next field. I got an awful fright myself!
I thought for a moment I should get Skye put down, but I didn’t. We have tried muzzels but my dogs can get them off! So now, they are not allowed off the lead anymore.
A lot of people are getting huskies these days because they are so beautiful, but you need to know that they aren’t a dog you can leave outside your back garden and ignore, because they will become angry and aggressive. Thats why hundreds of them are being abandoned when they reach adulthood.
And that’s not fair on them. They are left sad and lonely and Jean

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