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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Just Fitting In!

After Christmas, I felt my button on my jeans feel a little tight. I didn’t weigh myself to see what the Christmas damage had been, but I knew all the extra eating and drinking and lack of good exercise was bound to have a negative effect on me to say the least!
So after all the Irish festivities, my new year’s resolution began on the 8th January!
Yes, it was going to be dry January for me! No alcohol! I’m also cutting down on fat in my diet and focusing on cleansing my gut of all the built up toxins.
So, for me it’s going to be a lot of fibre in my plan, with plenty of water, and smoothies and vegetables with lots of good long walks with my two huskies!
And positive brain washing!

I started my day giving thanks
Dear God,
I have everything I need today,
My children are nourished and warm,
My bills are paid,
Myself and my family are healthy today!
Thank you Lord!

It’s all about living just in today and not worrying about tomorrow!

Ok, so just to give you an update on what I ate today! So, for breakfast, a pint of hot water with 1/4 squeezed orange juice, 1/2 bowl of albran and almond milk.
Mid morn I had a pint of warm water with a beroca with my lexopro as you need to B vitamins when you’re on anti depressants.
(Also, more than 2 cups of coffee a day depletes your anti depressant!)
For lunch I had two slices of light whole meal toast, a sliver of butter and a chopped banana; a cup of tea.
After I walked the dogs I had a pint of hot water.
Because of my light lunch, I gave myself a treat of a capuchino and a small bar of dairy milk choc.
And for my dinner, I had my chick pea and lots of vegetables stew with two slices of light whole meal bread!
I’ll be washing that down with a pint of hot water, which will make that my 4th pint of water today!
Knowing me, I’ll be hungry later on, so I’ll snack on celery and apples tonight!
Jean xxx

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