Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Thank You Teachers

I had no doubt at all some eight years ago,
When I dropped my little petal into the front doors
 of Rathbeggan National School,
We were welcomed with warmth and smiling, confident faces,
I knew this meadow, full of many fragrant blossoms
 could nurture my beautiful flower also,
Settling in those first couple of years,
 learning how to learn
And learning how to make friends
Was challenging for my little flower,
But despite the windstorms and hail,
 She was held tight by the strong branches
Of this lovely orchard
And a difficult task to these wonderful teachers
Who dedicate their time and knowledge and kindness
To educate and teach my flower the ways of the meadow of life
Of how to grow strong and how to grow safe
Among the cascading flowers of this beautiful World
That God created
Then slowly and consistently,
My flower began to grow
Her petals began to flourish and blossom
With wonderful vibrant colours of knowledge
Encouraged to run, encouraged to race
Encouraged to sing and encouraged to have fun!
Encouraged to live this wonderful life with confidence!
I came back these past days to collect my little flower
To take her on to the next meadow of life
And I cannot believe my eyes
Her petals are strong and
Sparkling in colour
Who is this beauty?
And how did this happen?
My heart is full of gratitude to this meadow
The strength of your trees and your branches
That hold on to each and every petal
And take care of them
 With borrowed time
But she will take this family with her
As she grows
And the foundations of growth that she has gained from your meadow
 will guide her always
In her own garden
 Of this beautiful life
Thank you all xxxx
Jean Murray
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