Is the Recession over? No,You’re just kidding yourself!

You know? There’s no more talk of the past recession that hacked into our lives in 2008 like a Trojan Virus that maliciously tortured, terrified, annihilated and left every working class Irish man and woman totally embarrassed because we were snared. So sneakily and so slyly and with the speed of a lightening strike! We were taken.

Yes, us Irish are one of the most proudest of nations. We don’t like to talk about when the chips are down. It takes away from our natural good nature and humour, because, we tend to like helping others, especially when we have a few bob, we’ll gladly see you with a pint in your hand and a packet of cigarettes if you smoke. We also like living the life that we worked hard for. Many of us were used to having little when we were kids so now, having nice things, going on nice holidays, sending our kids on into third level education was something we took pride in.

But the recession took us out of our dream world of wanderlust and fantasy. And in its wake, it left sadness, shame and guilt. It became a battle of will. Where you strong enough to get up the next day and start over? Did you have the physical strength? Did you have the mental strength? Was there work for you to go to? Would you ever be able to pay off the debt you incurred? Were you young enough for any of the above? There were those who couldn’t cope with the pressure and sadly lost their lives. There were those whose marriages crumbled. And fear was a daily presence in our children’s lives, as they felt their parents pain and uncertainty.

Eleven years on and some might think it’s all behind us now. There seems to be lots of work and lots of development in Ireland today in 2019. People seem to be back to normal. Holidays are booked a year in advance. New cars are being bought again. The house market is thriving once more. But figure this, the daily rate of suicide is higher than ever, more so in twelve year old children. These children were born at a time when parents were at their highest stress levels. These children were raised in a fear environment that parents weren’t even aware of. Their fear of being able to continue on a daily basis. Their constant fear of keeping it all going.

And of course, we are all forgetting, that if you bought your house in 2008, you most likely paid double of that it was worth. And you’re still paying that back! Most of your hard earned salary is going towards a very high mortgage repayment that isn’t going away anytime fast! Which leaves very little to live the life on! And we are all still worried on a daily basis. And that worry causes stress and anxiety, sleepless nights. Impatience with the kids. Resentment  towards your partner. Well, all you can do is take a deep breath, there are some things that are going to take a long time to fix. This fixing requires great patience and acceptance. This is the way things are today. There is nothing one can do today in a Grand way, but one can keep doing the little things, like chipping away at repayments, chipping away at the household chores, having great patience and acceptance with the children and your partner.

If you have no idea what you’re going to do to change the drastic situation you are in because of the recession, do nothing drastic. Just accept it. This is your new challenge in life. It obviously came to teach us something.

Jean xxx.


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