A poem by me!


Shelter me in your Darkness
Lest I see, the destruction of my being
As a force so great rips through me
And tears my flesh to shreads
I will fall at your feet in mercy and
My weariness will be happy in this lonesome place
I beg just comfort from your dark Majesty
Your magnificent arms can warm me
And hide me in the vastness of your beautiful shadows
So mistiful and silent and endless
where my ugly self can slumber
And I won’t hear my vile

Exclude me from Joy
For I am not worthy of it’s laughter
and song
Surrounded by a jubilation of vibrancy and colour
Or happiness gathered in celebration
A fleeting memory saunters weakly from the shadows
Of when I first held you to my breast
And embraced you with my warmth and strength
It retreats quickly
Leaving me abandoned…
An Ache of darkness reaches my every cell
And fills them with the poison of emptiness

Hissing sounds are raging from the deepest corner
Of my mind
Bellowing firey tones emerge from me
like an army of Nazi’s
Imposing and threatening
Spitting and throwing bombardments of molten rock,
Venom is running in streams at my feet
Pulling me deeper into it’s Snake’s pit
Fear not I of you Dark Knight!
I will chase you into the deepest sewers
And take on any demon
For I deserve your Wrath!

Alas, my wounded self slumps heavily to the ground
My cancerous mind defeated
The weight of my burden suffocating
I lay so still
barely breathing on this beautiful oak floor
I wait my time…
Then peace evolves me
It wraps me up so tenderly and I feel it’s warmth
Slivers of sunlight peek through
the clouds of fog
The dancing shadows flee and
Make way
With the boyancy of Dawn
The cold fresh air bursts into my lungs jolting them to life
Daring them to breath in the abundance
Of this new day….
Jean Murray xxx

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