Poor Little flower

It’s so sad to see
A flower so fragile
by the rugged elements of it’s life
A beautiful bud
It began the world in such grace
And now
devoid of colour
fluttering petals
afraid to bloom

Did God know when he planted this flower
where it would end
Nobody to help it flourish
or Nurture it
What was his plan at all
Poor little flower
Cowering in it’s little corner
So perfect in it’s little form
But so untrusting
What’s for you little flower
How will you ever bloom

There in that dark corner of this beautiful world
Hidden from all to see
Your exquisite beauty
Your perfect contribution of vibrancy
Of Grace
As your beautiful petals
Dance all alone in that dark little corner
For no-one to see
Poor little flower
How will you call out for water from the rain
And warmth from the sunshine
Little flower
How will you ever bloom

It’s up to you little flower
You have to find a way
Out of the dark cold corner
Stretch your little petals
Reach out for the rain drops
Lean as far as you can into the Sunshine
Fight for your precious life little flower
Don’t be afraid to bloom

Jean xxx


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