A peak into my wacky brain!

Dear friend,

  I feel I owe you a bit of an explanation why I don’t go for coffee anymore,
 Mine is a simple excuse,
 As a one income family with two horses in livery and lessons and competitions, all my spare money is taken already,
With college fees and the girls needs, there is little room for treats for me
But I’m not complaining,
I’m glad that I can save on some of the expensive luxuries of a girls life
 by doing all our own hair and manicures and pedicures! 
As a hairdresser, thank goodness, I’ve got these skills!
 I did bake my first ever Christmas cake this year from the Odlums recipe,
 It looks ok and I hope to make my Mam and my friends their cakes too,
 As with expensive riding presents for under our tree,
 I can’t afford to pay at the moment for delicious ordered cakes! 
You’re probably thinking I’m going with someone else, but I’m not,
 I have tried other’s coffee, but it’s not to my liking,
 I am awfully fussy! . 
Sarah does love the new designer salads in the new designer cafe’s and I like to buy them for her.
 I’ve had to watch Yasmins weight so I haven’t brought her to coffee shops either because she only gets the full pancakes and bacon, so avoidance is better than refusal.
 I make her a nice omelette instead at home! 
Because she gets her take away chips every weekend, 
I’m really conscious of healthy cooking at home. 
We do have a family treat of course and that’s in a restaurant where they serve my favourite beer!
 It was just once a month during the recession but now it’s twice a month and sometimes once a week!
 I would only get a scone and a capuchino when I went with you anyway,
 so that the girls could have what they wanted,
 and if I had any complaints,
 it was only the scone. 
A lover of scones, it was a little bit doughy and underdone,
 with not much blue berries or fruit in it. 
What I am I like!
 But for the only treat I liked,
I wanted to enjoy it!
 I just have my coffee at home now, with a couple of choc digestives 😀 
I’m a funny individual
I am not a creature of habit
I can’t continue regularities or rituals like most people
I like the old reliable
I love my own company where I can’t make a fool of myself
I do find me strange and hard to understand at times!
I don’t like to get to close to people or too depended on
As I inevitably will let them down
And then when it is discovered that I am not this really nice person
I am too embarrassed to face you again….
Jean xxx

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