A different day of life!

I’m going to tell you about my day today. I think it was pretty hectic and very stressful, but you can be the judge of it really.
Some months back, I left a really good pair of riding boots belonging to Yasmin behind on one of her events. Today, I was set off to Mullingar to buy a new pair of the same pair of boots, having saved the costly amount for the lovely boots as they were also very comfortable.
I decided to bring my two huskies along for the ride as they would delight in a lovely run in Mullingar’s lush fields while we were there.
I had a very busy day in store for me as I had also offered a friend some help in moving his pony to Dunleer in the afternoon ; My day was going to have to  run on-time as I had to be back at my daughter’s school for 3pm.
All was going to plan until we had to load the bold pony, who doesn’t like to travel in horse boxes. It took a half hour of gentle persuasion to get her in;
I found my way handy enough to Piperstown, we unloaded the pony and let the woofies have another little run before I set on  my way home.
Somewhere in Slane I sensed my jeep was giving me a little trouble. There were no visible signs of distress, but I suspected maybe some gear trouble as I felt it wouldn’t go over second gear. It finally stalled and cut out just close to Asbourne. My phone had also died so I couldn’t contact anyone. Like a crazy person, I waved down passing traffic on the lonely back road. Not fearing for my life at all, but quite concerned about my daughter’s three o clock pick up, my traffic duty and my poor dogs who were quite upset in the back cab of the jeep. Oh yes, I was also quite worried that the jeep would blow up. I don’t know why exactly. Isn’t that what happens?
Thankfully, kind passer by’s lent me their phone so that I could call my sister. And she could then call AA. Yes, I would take the help of alcoholic’s anominus or drugs anominus or anyone else, because I was very thirsty and tired and border line very close to losing it. AndI was also hungry. The dogs were very stressed out too.
I was on a very skinny back road from the Snailbox, pulling a horse box, when my engine died. I then noticed smoke coming from my bonnet. Seriously Mr. God, or Mr. Devil,  is there no body else you can wind up and have a laugh with? Because I am 50 and I really don’t have that much time or energy to waste!!! And I am not a funny person. I don’t laugh. there are very few things I find funny. Are you trying to make me laugh? So stop, it’s never going to work.
Eventually, a big huge truck coming by on skinny road stopped to help. he said he had to help because he couldn’t reverse and couldn’t go forward, it was for his own benefit! Nevertheless it was very nice of him.
After lifting up my bonnet and checking my engine, he said it didn’t look good, ‘ya think!’ He said I would make it to a garage in Ashbourne. I barely made it. there was smoke billowing from  the bonnet and I chugged along into the garage.
I called my husband and he was adamant that I was the cause of whatever was going on with the jeep.  I don’t know. I thought you were able to drive a 3litre diesel engine to the normal work performance required?
Well all I know is, I’m tired. There are not enough hours in my day for the amount of things that go wrong on me. Am I born unlucky? Is there anything that I do that will eventually go right? How am I to keep picking myself up everyday and say no worries, just keep trying?
What is the point?
I guess the point is to sit down and say, ‘well, there’s nothing I can do about this’
Just sit there and rest. Breath. Accept. It is what it is. Sometimes that’s just life. It’s nobody’s fault.
Was it a waste of a day? I don’t think so. I picked up my daughter’s boots. I walked my dogs in Mullingar and Piperstown. I helped a person out.
I sat in La Bucca with my sister’s and my kids afterwards and had a few beers.
It was a different day from being a perfect day but it was still a day of life.

Jean xxx

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