Christmas once again! Thank you God!

Ok, I know it’s the most stressful time of the year for Mam’s and Dad’s! There is so much to do, so many presents to buy and all the bills still have to be paid, but if we’re still wrapping presents, we are still here able to do it. And that’s got to be a good thing?
2016 was a tough year for all. I personally found since January 1st till now a challenging year. There were so many things that I had to focus on doing well these last twelve months, being a kind Wife, a patient Mother, a trusting child of God, a loyal friend and family member and a good neighbor. And all this with the added stresses of everyday living with health and financial challenges, like you all out there. It was a slippery slope of learned behavior I can admit! Because that is what life’s about, making mistakes and learning from them. We all know when we do something awful, we cringe and think, ‘I’ll never do that again!’ And you don’t, because the guilt kills you! My own conscience is my strict teacher!
Many friends and family have passed away this year and last, some way before their time. I lost my two dogs Skye and Sully who I miss every day, so I can only imagine the pain of losing a child or a partner for ever.
I think of my own Dad who was powerless of his own demise ten years ago so he surrendered to God, even though he wasn’t ready. He was just beginning to enjoy life. He hadn’t made all his amends. But his time was up. So, I look at his life and try and learn from it. He may not have thought that he had achieved much in his life, but he did. He was a Dad, so he was a teacher. And he gave some great lessons!  I like to think of him now enjoying Christmas in Heaven in a forever peace, which is a wonderful state of mind to be in, Peace.
One of the best things that I did this year? Was organizing the Carol service over in the horse stables with all of the children happily singing carols in aid of the homeless. Another mammy who helped me  had so recently lost her own daughter, yet she finds comfort in helping others.
The kids were so happy to do their bit in raising toiletries for the Simon Community who will now be able to provide sanitary items for the people who live on the streets. It’s not going to save these poor people but it may just save the kids who sang for them.
To teach your child to give to others is such a valuable thing. To help others without question.
So maybe Christmas is coming faster for a reason? At Christmas time, people make more effort in giving and after January rolls in, then February, it’s all about us again and holidays and living.
And there’s nothing wrong with that either! Life is for living.
My Mam says all the time to me and my sisters, ‘Be positive, be grateful!’And she’s right, it may not change your circumstances, but it will help your state of life and mind.
Life is hard work for everybody but I suppose if it was easy we might get bored. I have never been bored! I sometimes look to the sky and shout, ‘Can I be bored please for just one minute!?”
But I am beginning to laugh at myself. I am funny! I do stupid things alot!
I think that is the biggest mistake I made so far in my life. That it is a serious life.
It’s not a serious life and it’s not a joke either,
‘It’s a wonderful life!’
Jean xxx

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