Just some knowledge for all you sufferers of depression and how I get through it

I am now aware why I become depressed and I am also aware of the symptoms.
I know why there are these symptoms of fatigue, listlessness, hopelessness
I know that life’s challenges sometimes sends all of these symptoms into my brain at once and my weariness lets them in
I become beaten down
I am floored
I know I have to try get up and perform my duties of living
I need a strong mind and a strong sense of belief in myself in order to not be led down this road of depression. I need to continue my brain washing of positivity to get me through this
Of course, I’m still on anti depressants and I’m sure they do their job of replacing the serotonin thats missing in my brain, but they can’t protect my emotions because they are intangible
No tablet, drug or alcohol can fix them
I need to be a strong mother
 My offsprings are realizing themselves that life presents horrible challenges for them also
Will my knowledge help them?
Although it won’t save them and that saddens me
If I had a magic wand, I would magic me some miracles, to make things easier
But I don’t
So I am going to force myself to wash my face and teeth
And I am going to force myself to walk my dogs and ask God to help me
To remind me of all the things I should be grateful for, focus on those
When I come back
I will force myself to clean my house and cook a meal
And I know that slowly these feelings will move on

Jean xxx

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