The importance of a Mother’s Stew…

What ingredients are in that pot of Stew that only your Mother can make?
Filled with wisdom
As she chops her vegetables and potatoes so carefully, just the way you like it
Tenderly adding in only the best bits of meat, then stock
Cooking it to perfection, slowly bringing it to the boil
Then leaving it to simmer
To feed her child, to keep her warm and help her grow
To nourish her mind and her body
To taste the delights of the sweet vegetables and the bitterness of others
Prepared to go off safely into the World
Because the stew is your Mother’s love
The amazing gift that is to be a Mother
And the amazing gift that she has inside her to love you un-conditionly
As you age
And when you return sad and hurt
The bowl of Stew is instantly served….
Your baby receives their first bowl of Stew at their three month birthday
They eat ravenously
The years go by and your children are well used to your Mother’s Stew
They giggle at her old fashioned food
But they grow up with their Grand Mother’s pot of love
With all of the ingredients for a healthy life
Kindness, compassion, trust, morals, loyalty, respect and responsibility…..
Time passes and your Mother serves her last pot of Stew
You relish every drop
You will miss the wise old woman who brought her family to the table every week
with her cherished dish
She looks around at her brood, proud that she has walked in God’s footsteps…..
As she taught each daughter how to make their own precious pot of Stew
Full of love, full of support, full of generosity
To keep her family healthy and safe….
What happens to the child who doesn’t receive that bowl of Stew?
Who has never felt the warmth and security from the wonderful blend?
How will she grow Good?
How will she banish Evil?

Jean xxx

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