This is my Christmas letter to you all!

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas….

It’s that time of year again, already? Haven’t we just taken down last years decorations?
Wow! Where did that year go? I know they say when you get older that the years go in faster, but, I wasn’t ready. This is my worse year for organisation. How does this happen? I remember when I was young, (younger) when I had all the cards sent, the house spotless and everything in. What date is it now? The 18th? Ok, so I still have a few more days left to do all that stuff and I’ve just had a great thought! I’ll write you all a letter! (Just incase you don’t receive your card)
How was your year?
Are you all grateful you just got through it? I can’t lie. I am so grateful to be alive, truly, I am, but isn’t life a challenge? Especially these last few years that have been financially challenging. It can seem to be a trudging chore at times and I’m also really aware of family and friends and strangers who have died recently, before their time.
There are so many. And they were all lovely people. Kindhearted people. You don’t have to wonder too much why God would take these people. He wants them! They are good and genuine. They don’t need to serve a life of learning because they are educated in kindness already. So they are happy in Heaven. And we’re glad for them and we miss them, but we don’t forget them. I have my Dad’s photo on my dressing table and I see him always. He is here with us and I feel his presence. I would much prefer if he was here and I could ask him to do a chore for me, maybe something in the garden or the house and with his unqualified skills he would gladly tackle it for his daughter, because there is nobody like a daughter to a Dad! But I am really happy that he is at peace and I wouldn’t be selfish enough to make him come back to this crazy planet! But nine years on and I still miss him. He loved Christmas and he loved to party! I think I’m a bit like him that way.
 It’s hard for the people who have lost beloved ones and I feel their pain. I can’t help them. They have to live with this loss for the rest of their days. And the loss of these people is so heartfelt to us all. I know that they are all in Heaven and they are happy and at peace, but they will be missed.
I still remember my best pal Declan, wow, almost 30 years later since he died! He was such a lovely  lad. You see! Another good one gone. And I will always remember his kindness. As I remember all of my other family and friends who have passed. I take pleasure in remembering their kindnesses. It is a wonderful gift to be a kind person. Someone who is thoughtful and considerate of others. You might be a small person in the universe, but you are huge in your presence. Imagine having the wonderful gift of helping others, loving others and including everyone as equal? Of course, we are all equal. It doesn’t matter about our colour or creed or wealth or looks or ‘coolness’ status, we are all equal.
Isn’t it funny that you never remember anyone who’s mean? I have had people mean to me in my lifetime, but I don’t remember them. They don’t leave their mark. They are forgotten.
So my wish to all of you this Christmas, and I hope to see you all, (I’ll do my best to visit over our festive season) is to enjoy this wonderful life! Please take everything as a roller-coaster challenge, not a decisive of your life. Enjoy breathing, walking, listening, seeing!
Be Grateful for this one and only life that you have a chance of living!
And be kind to people.
The people who laugh loudest are always the ones who are sad inside.
Merry Christmas
Jean xx

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