I need to explain

I spoke about my days growing up in Cabra in ‘My Beautiful Flower’.
 My girl friends, our back-rounds, our poorness. But how can I explain our unity….
You may look down your nose at dysfunction, but don’t knock it. Dysfunction is a wonderful gift.
Dysfunction being, limited education, poverty, alcohol abuse, struggling parents.
We had a class reunion tonight from 40 years ago
And I recognized so many
All smiles and praise
No complaints
That’s the thing
No complaint’s
Support, encouragement,
reassuring hugs and touch.
Delighted to see you looking so well.
Happy for you.
Because it’s just great to see you. They remember your contribution to them surviving school or parents or growing up years. Because you made it fun. Like they made it fun for you. Less scary.
And here you are.
You live to tell the tail.
Of truth.
Of life.
But it’s ok.
Because they are here with you.
And they are still smiling!
That’s what friends are….
Jean. xxx

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