I feel like Tom Hanks in one of his great acting rolls in Castaway when his companion, best mate, only friend in the world falls into the sea and Tom never sees him again.
That’s the way I feel inside,
No strength.
Detached from society.
As if I am going to collapse, but it’s a mental collapse and then it’s physical also. But I can’t allow myself the pleasure of a collapse. I can see the benefits of being in a delusional state.
 Of not feeling the pain of failure.
I’m drained emotionally.  I have no energy nor interest to look nice .
 I’m not meeting my family’s needs.
I’m wreaked in guilt for my emotional failures in life.
My precious eleven year old struggles to go to school every morning, everything hurts her, her hair, her teeth washing, her face washing, her toe this morning, I know school is hard for her even though she says it’s not.
 I can’t take her pain away from her.
She’s angry with herself. How can I teach her to accept herself?
She’s such a great girl, she really tries hard.
Yet I am so grateful for the school system this morning, because I can have six hours break from her Dyspraxia and everything that goes with it for my little pet. You know, Yasmin was born with this disability, it’s mild enough you might say because you can’t see it’s physical form, but every day she grows older, her disability doesn’t. It’s still a tantrumous, anxious, hyper active, struggling, clumsy, scared, angry, disorganized three year old.
It’s still the same challenge for her every day. Every day she has to work very very hard to learn things that some take for granted.
My heart goes out to the many parents who have a lot more disabilities in their children and they are aging but their children are not.
I’m only 48 and I’m tired.

Jean xxx

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