The Responsibilities of being a Woman

I’m sure I’m not the only woman sitting down this morning the 20th November 2015, with weariness in my bones.
Wondering how to be all to the husband and the children, how to meet all their needs. How to provide a Happy, worry free Home. To be a Mother to the kids, a Teacher, a Nurse, a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Special Needs assistant, a Nutritionist, a Hairdresser and Beautician (Ok, so I have those skills at least!)  A Wife to the husband, a sex goddess, (I kid you not!) a Business Manager to the home, to keep the bills paid and the washing and ironing done. To put food in the fridge. While presenting a lovely clean home for the return of the family after their wonderful easy day in school, college or indeed the luxury of working outside the home.
Never mind the addition of taking care of the adored dogs and pony!
And as with every job, I know, there are times when there is an employee review.
‘We think that you could be doing better. We’re not getting very good returns from your work.’
You feel a failure again. Can’t you do anything right?
 How can you do better? You’ve got limited means. Limited time. You’ve a limited body. You would need to be cloned. It’s a task itself figuring out the individual needs of your children. And the more kids you have, the ratio of getting it wrong increases.
 In my parents day, it was easier.  They just had kids, they fed them and sent them to school. Thank God they didn’t have to figure out any emotional needs. We were spared of any emotional intervention. We weren’t to show any emotion. Apart from being happy. We could laugh things off.  But that’s not as bad as you think. At least for most of us, we were in this happy little bubble of denial for most of our youth. That’s a great gift in itself!
So you come out of your review. The house is quite. Everybody is gone. You look around at the mess they left behind and you wonder where to start. Again.
The groundhog feeling of everyday being the same.
What wonder can you get out of this day? In the back round of my mind, I hear my good angel telling me, ‘Look at your kids! See their smiling happy faces going off to their day. They’re safe, healthy, nourished and warm!’
The little devil in my mind is very small. I can’t hear his voice much. It’s very faint. I know he’s trying to laugh and jeer and blame and criticize, but I’m not listening.
So, I’m ok. I’ll work harder. I’m a woman.
I’m the gel that keeps the family together. Like my Mother before me and her Mother, my Granny. A small woman with a huge mind, full of giving.
Don’t underestimate our task of being a woman. God shared his great gift of creating with us women. He gave us the gift of giving birth. Yes, we know the excruciating pain of bringing a child into the world and the same pain when we lose one. But he gave us strength.
And we have this gift of great love and loyalty to our born.
We’ll not give up.

Jean xx

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