Is there anybody out there?

I don’t like to complain, but if I did, it might go something like this……
A couple of months before my first book, ‘My Beautiful Flower’ was released on amazon on the 1st March this year, I saw a successful author talk about his writing career to Mark Cagney on Ireland Am. He spoke about the difficulties he had in getting his first book published, that it’s a lot of work as there are many talented writers out there and it’s very hard to get noticed. Indeed, one of the things that delayed my start in writing was, how could I write and deliver as good as the books that I had read in my lifetime?
Nevertheless, I took his words on board. I was prepared to work hard. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was a nobody. And I knew nobody.
Austin Macauley are one of the many publishing agents out there who will help you edit and publish your work for you for a fee. They then release it on to amazon UK and USA and in fairness to the marketing team, they tell you, ‘It’s down to you, how successful your book will become, as you have to do all of your own self promoting.’
So, with my limited technical skills, I signed up to Twitter, Goodreads and many more social media sites and I began my rant about my book. I joined Amazon author central and you get to see what number you are in the top 100,000, which is a nice little tool. When I saw my book go low in the ratings, I found out I could buy twitter boosts to promote my book at a not too costly 20 euros a month.
I also emailed my book to all the radio and tv presenters in Ireland trying to get some airtime or media coverage, but nobody emailed back.
In the meantime, I have been writing my blogs (as I am now) and other books. And excitedly, have ‘Madhead The Crazy Horse!’ Released again through Austin Macauley on 30th October this year. Much more confident about this little creation, I started it’s promotion early in September. I emailed and twittered with gusto! And emailed again. And sent copies of the beautiful story to every tv, radio and magazine in Dublin.
Do you know, we have loads of Irish magazines? Loads of Irish TV talk shows? And loads of Irish radio presenters? Well we do. As I wrote to them all. And I thought that maybe they’d be all sick of doing the same thing, having celebrity’s cooking, having celebrity’s fashion and makeup and weddings and authors and the list goes on. That they would like a bit of ordinary fresh air from a nobody, but who has lots of important things to say too that are funny and interesting. That involving family and friends in her occasions in life is much more rewarding.
 But apparently not. I guess they think us poor Irish nobody’s keep wanting to see the successful and the beautiful and the rich all of the time.
So, not disheartened. I began to phone all the radio, tv shows and magazines and soon the proverbial penny began to drop. ‘Oh Hi! Yes, just email that in again and the producer will make a decision if you get to talk to the presenter.’ And then you never hear anything else from them.
 Gerry Ryan would never agree to that! God rest him. He talked to all of us ordinary folk on air!
At this point, you may think your work is really shite….. And then you just ring the radio sales department. Just to see how much it would cost to promote your work on the radio. And you realise, that this is probably the route you have to go. It’s already cost you a small fortune thus far.
Thankfully, it’s too much money and I can’t afford it, so I don’t pay to advertise my book.
I force myself back into positivity. At least I got some nice feedback from the book shops around the country who may put my book on their shelf.
And even though my poor child couldn’t get herself back to sleep at 4.30 this morning, it least I got to write my blog!
Jean xxx

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2 thoughts on “Is there anybody out there?

  1. Hang in there Jean – your time will come! All those who are missing out now, will regret it later, when we hear you on the radio and see you on the TV – try our English radio channels and TV Stations – you never know!? Good luck. Donna xx


  2. Jean ,you are not a nobody ! you are a wife /mother/daughter/sister /auntie and friend who is also an author and somehow you manage to juggle it all ,good luck with the new book ,Caroline x


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