Young killers!

Blatant Young killers are storming our television’s screens daily. No country or city has escaped their brutality. They have blown up airports and planes during flights, terrifying passengers in their final moments of life. They have shot innocent people unaware of their imminent demise. They have run people over in their huge trucks like dirty cockroach’s whilst all the time shooting them to make sure they have not survived.
 They are able to get their weapons easily and their qualification to shoot, but it’s the complexity of these young killers minds that gives them the justification to kill another human being that is so scary. Their lack of conscience. Because this young breed of men can end the world with their plague should they choose. And like any terminating disease, it’s almost impossible to find the source.
How are these young men attracted to the killing organizations that justify their murderous actions?
The human being’s weakness is security, inclusion. And the leaders of these organizations know what type of young man to target and how. It’s almost as simple as luring a child with sweets. They pull these young men in with complements and promises of success, while gently brainwashing them in the process. Brainwashing is a way of changing one’s mind. It doesn’t need to be drug induced to do so, or bashing a person’s head in. On the contrary, it’s working on a mind that may have some belief or awareness of a certain plight and then filling it with reassurances and examples.
So, before they know it, these young men are in too deep and they can’t escape even if they wanted to. They are sent on a killing spree with bombs tied around their waste waiting to detonate. For someone else’s hate.
The leaders of that hatred will not put their face’s nor bodies in the firing line, for fear of recognition.
There will be no dying young for them.
The ownership of power soon leaves the young man’s face as realization dawns on him.
But then it’s too late for all.
Jean xxx

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