The Family!

Ok , so we’re not Italian, but we’re very close. We get along just grand with The Pope and all the other Italians and they get along grand with us. We are the same type of proud people.
We are communicators. We like to talk. We talk a lot about our families.
This is my family…..
Anthony the first grandchild, the awaited first boy, has character, kindness and love in his bones,
Padraig is second and adorably cute, lovable and full of smiles,
Ryan comes in third full of macho delight,
Sarah arrives flighty and floaty at fourth,
Rebecca swims fifth as a beautiful swan,
Shauna’s adorably smiley in sixth,
Pierce blends in all angles in seventh place,
Alex slides in well at eight full of grace,
Sean is a lad prancing ninth in full steam,
Finn in tenth place is a boyo with a dream,
Grace in at eleventh is a beauty without doubt,
Yasmin’s an angel coming in at a dozen,
Elle at thirteenth, a smiler, a cousin.
And last of granny’s children is Isabella at fourteen,
While their mother’s and granny sit around the kitchen table full of chat and slagging.
This my family, I am proud to share,
We gather for any excuse, happy or scare,
They keep me busy,
They keep me broke,
But what else would I be doing?
Jean xx

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