You think it’s easy being a woman!

Isn’t it funny how the most difficult thing to do in life is to get along with people? Any people, of all ages but especially women. Why are women so difficult to get along with? We’re cagey around each other, cautious. As a woman myself, I have had to manoeuvre myself through my life amongst women. In the home, in the workplace, in social areas. When I was a little girl growing up in the streets of Dublin city, I had plenty of hairs pulled from my head in cat fights to state my place on the road. It was very similar in the workplace too without the physical hair pulling, but the women there would verbally hair pull you!
Why are we like this?
 It starts as early as when baby girls are born. They are adorably cute. They soon become assertive toddlers, then bossy little girls, then moody young women and then angry old women.
 Does our initial cuteness grow into attention neediness? And when we don’t get the attention needed, do we become jealous? Spiteful?
 We are quite an emotional genre. We are so full of drama. We are so easily threatened!
 There’s the initial threat from other women. How they look. If they’re beautiful, God help them! That just makes us envious (and envy is the route of all evil as we know). Add in a bit of talent, deduct more more marks for that! If they’re smart, mothers, career women and seem to carry it all off with relative ease, they will be hated!
God help the woman who has cute looking kids! Resentment will be passed on to the threatened women’s kids who will happily torture the cute kids forever!
 It will be worse for the wealthy woman, she will be silently resented. The other women may allow her into their circles, but only to keep an eye on her, to find out her weakness’s and use them against her when the time comes.
We all know it would be disastrous for a woman to run the world. One bad period and everybody would be blown up! Don’t underestimate a woman’s periods, or the damage they are allowed to do. (I say allowed because we can be controlled!) The woman spends 30 days in constant hormonal upheaval. She’s happy, she’s sad, she’s moody, she’s angry and she can turn into the Devil Incarnate at a moment’s notice! Can you imagine her making Head of State decisions?
 Just look at the damage Margaret Thatcher and Marie Antoinette did. They were typical resentful women. They had no empathy for others. Both from completely different times had the same stubbornness that left their country man starving.
 Everything is so personal with a woman.
 So how do we women live together side by side, without constant bloodshed?
 Some of us become submissive. We give in. We know we have to do everything to keep the peace with the other women. We go along with things to be accepted. We suit them rather than ourselves.
We dress down and blend into the shadows.
 It’s much easier to be no threat to another woman because if another woman decides to get her claws into you, she won’t stop till she destroys.
Jean xxx

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