Horribly funny!

A friend of mine called up last night for a cup of tea and a catch up. After sharing all of our news and having a good old gossip, the conversation became giddy. Us Irish have a habit of laughing at our own mishaps and somehow it led to this story….
 ‘Her own cousin’s mother in law, in her late 60’s came home one night from a good session with her friends. She was well oiled and decided to go straight to bed. On swaying up the stairs, she remembered she had to put her bin out for collection as it was full to the brim. She went out to the side of her house, in the windy rainy night and got hold of the bin and start wheeling it down the long gravel drive to the end of the garden. Inevitably, she tripped over her long skirt and high heals and fell flat on her face. Cursing herself, she got up off the ground covered in wet refuse and went back into the house to wash herself off. Her daughter then came into the kitchen to see her mother was covered in blood. Shocked, she hurried over to help her and recoiled in horror on looking into the sink. Her mother’s fingers were floating around the water, seven of them and she was oblivious from the pain because of the whiskey in her system! Emergency services were called. The seven fingers were gathered and a search party ensued to look for the eight missing finger.
Surprisingly, they found it in time to be sewn back on with it’s seven sisters!  The operation was a complete success and all the seven fingers are moving around quite happily, apart from the last finger found. No matter what the surgeons do to flex the joint, it just won’t bend.
But a great character of a woman, this doesn’t phase her at all. She’s getting huge enjoyment from her new best friend….
Her middle finger!’

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