What couples argue about most…

I would have thought that the least thing that myself and my husband would argue about over the years is money. But that is exactly what we do.
My husband and many others that we know think that I am spend thrift. The truth is, I am not. True, our bills and our children’s nessessities can be very high and I spend our money on those things, but luxury’s truly, no.  I do like luxuries but the recession sorted out the difference between what I needed and what I wanted. Apart from holidays. My only personal luxury is booking holidays. I guess you could say I need holidays. It’s not like I go off on my own! I bring my husband and children too!
 It’s just when I see the opportunity to go somewhere especially to see family members, I go for it. I love a big family holiday. The kids love it, the women love it. The men might not love it….
Myself and the hubby are two different personalities granted, and maybe I can afford to be a bit casual about the size of our outgoings because I’m not the one who has earned the majority of our money, but in saying that, I have no problem spending my own earned money on our family either. So I’m not a taker only, I’m a giver also. Where am I going with this? A couple of months ago, my hubby got himself stuck in a resentment mode towards me. Why? Because I did my usual thing and booked an extra family holiday after being a bit careless with a bit of his hard earned dosh. Of course he gave me the speech about the size of our mortgages and hows he’s trying to get them sorted and I truly understand that, I do! I’m working hard to try help also! He lasted quite a while in this resentment mode and I can tell you, living with someone who gives you the silent treatment for a few weeks is pure torture. So, I guess I had enough. He looked miserable so I thought he was miserable. Maybe he was quite happy having a bit of peace in all the silence?
So what do I do? Something crazy. Something for my husband to come back to me and say,
‘I’ve pushed you too far.’
Well I can’t really tell you what I did, (because even my friends said, I wasn’t in my right state of mind, it’s true) but why does it always take drastic measures to make a man own up to his own responsibilities? Why can’t they just identify the exact problem at the time and just deal with that instead of burying it with all the other issues they have resulting in them not knowing why they were silently resentful in the first place!

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