Another poem from my book ‘My beautiful Flower’ by Jean Murray

I wrote this poem when I felt so sad for my little girl Yasmin, after a plane journey to France. It was one of many plane journey’s that other passengers felt they could be openly rude to my daughter because of her over excitement or anguish on the plane. Having Dyspraxia,Yasmin looked like any other child at seven years of age. They wouldn’t know that her mental developmental age at the time was only four. Children don’t behave badly for no reason. Sometimes there’s an underlying condition. Sometimes it’s allowed bad behaviour. Sometimes there’s problems at home that effects the kids. Sometimes there’s abuse. There is always a reason.

I see my beautiful child,
not with a disability,
She wants to dance
She wants to sing
She likes being pretty.

I see my beautiful child,
She wants to run
She wants to swim
She wants to show jump competitively!

I don’t see her disability.
I let her dance
I let her run
I let her sing
I let her swim
I’ll let her show jump competitively!

She works so hard,
She likes to please,
I don’t see her disability!

Some don’t see what I see,
What a loss for them.
Because if they looked at this beautiful child,
They would learn God’s wishes.

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