I couldn’t help but smile. xx

We decided to take our ten year old Yasmin and her seven year old pony on their first outside show yesterday. It was at the ‘Flavors of Fingal’ in Donabate. So we packed the picnic and loaded up Yasmin’s pony Eclipse and her friend’s pony Victoria and off we went. Just to add an extra bit of stress, we brought our three huskies and five of the girls friends.
I remember the days that I worked in a hair salon and I was glamorously groomed, well this is not what I look like when I’m out with my dogs and pony. Trying to hold three strong willed dogs while my husband helps Yasmin tack up gives me strong muscles, yes, but battered hands also! My hair is a fuzzy mess and my face has a lovely weathered look about it. I now wear a scarf around my neck to finally protect my aging neck and chest from the sun, so no, I’m not the most glamorous horsey mammy out there.
And the day gets off to a flying start when Eclipse decides he’s having none of it. He refuses every jump, try’s to throw Yasmin off, throws ears back at my husband and gallops off, amazingly with Yasmin still on his back.
The dogs are behaving just as badly as it is a country show, there are plenty of lovely chickens, rabbits and sheep for breakfast, almost within reach of my dogs watering mouths. I spend hours holding on tight trying to swallow a mouthful of deserving coffee with little luck.
That was day 1. There were plenty of tears from Yasmin and complaints from my husband as he was going to strangle the pony for being so bold, and me for getting the worse pony ever and dogs for wanting to eat the livestock. Yes, it was a typical Saturday morning for the Murray’s!
Day 2, and it was looking good as Eclipse loaded the box with relative ease. But I’m afraid, as soon as Eclipse saw where he was he started acting up. The judges tried to help him by calming words but announced him as ‘Eclipse with a mind of his own.’ And yes, Eclipse decided to show everybody he was the boss. He galloped around doing what he wanted to do. More moaning from my husband, more tears from Yasmin and the dogs finally getting the better of me dragged me on my back a few feet towards the chickens. Thankfully I held on tight, almost having my arms pulled out of their sockets and I’m sure I looked the prettiest sight for all.
But when we loaded up the animals and the children, all unharmed Thank God, the seven ten year old girls wanted to travel home in my car. There were five strapped in the back and two in the front including myself. And as we departed ‘The Flavors of Fingal Country Fair’ the girls were blasting ‘Cecilia, from The Vamps’ on the CD player and singing at the top of their voices.
And I couldn’t help but smile.xxx Jean

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