An ordinary life!

As I wake each morning, I remind myself that life is a gift and to cherish every moment. I am so glad that my family are healthy and safe and that is also a gift for me. I am grateful for each new day of Irish unruly weather and it’s wonderful fresh air.
I started to practice this brain washing about three years ago in order to battle my negative brain that was depressed. This really started to help me and had real and lasting results. It doesn’t cure depression, because depressed brains also have a chemical imbalance. Depression will come and go like the flu, but when it does, I’m kinder to myself now. I listen to my mind and body and take care of it. I still practice positive thinking and gratitude because that is so important to me.
Of course, I still have to tackle my daily duties of life, being a Mother, a Wife, cleaning my house. I wrestle the job of balancing our bills like every other parent with the endless lists of needs, so I’m not going around like ‘Maria’ from ‘The Sound of Music’! I make lots of mistakes!
But that is life. Life is a challenging road. A learning road.
I found it very easy to write my book ‘My beautiful flower’ because it was a discovery book about myself. The road I took in life, the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned.
It’s a beautiful journey of someone who is nobody special. An ordinary person’s life, that I’m sure there are loads of you with a life like mine. But every body’s life is special, just like every body’s birth is so individually different and special.
I tell my story about my life that is beautiful and individual even though it has it’s sadness and devastation. I am always aware on my journey through life that God’s beautiful Earth surrounds my every moment of my travels and I share that with you even in my moment’s of pain. I laugh at myself in places and I know you will laugh too at similar things you did in your life too.

jean xx

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