Young people of Ireland!

‘Young People of Ireland!’ I remember Pope John Paul saying these words to the one million Irish people who had turned up to hear him speak in the Pheonix Park, Dublin. It was at the end of September in 1979 and I was twelve years of age. I am so happy and proud that my Mam and Dad woke us six girls up at 3am in the morning so that we could go and walk to the Pheonix park with the hundreds of our neighbours to see our Pope and hear his inspiring words. He was a wonderful man. He had great kindness and compassion. He gave us Hope.
As I think about The Berkley kids who lost their lives through a freak and tragic incident and those who are severely injured and those who are emotionally injured. Their Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers broken.
How those Mothers would beg God to change places with their kids, in an instant they would go. They would gladly wish for time to go back for just one week and then it would be all ok……
That they don’t have to live in this heart breaking sorrow and severe agony of their loss.
These were our ‘Young People of Ireland’. The examples of what our great country has to offer. These fun loving, hard working kids, who had the gift of the Irish gab. We were so proud to see them go off to the great America, where their ancestors went before them.
Ireland has grown so much in the last few decades and we are learning to get it right. We love our kids so much. We love to see them educated. We love to see them beautiful. We love to see them travel. We love to see them carry on the Irish banter that only the Irish do so well. And they were so loved the short time they were there, because they were wonderful kids. They were full of chat with their irish accents that the Americans love so well. These handsome rugged lads and the pretty colleens.
And now they are gone to God. And we are not ready. . how can a parent be ready for this?
Can we at least reassure you parents that your children went instantly and felt no pain. That’s a small comfort maybe?
And that they are with God and maybe some past relatives? And maybe after they too get used to Heaven without their Mam’s and Dad’s and sisters and brothers and their friends, they will settle in and enjoy their new J1 Visa in Heaven?
And Pope John Paul gave us Hope. And Hope is all we have.
We Hope that your pain will lesson in time and we Hope that you will see your dearest children again.
Jean Murray.

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