Going for it!

So, I’m finally having a little book launch today for ‘My Beautiful Flower’ in ‘Forever Amber’ book shop in Ratoath at 12 o Clock.
As a person who doesn’t like attention focused on to herself, (really, I don’t) This is a bit nerve racking. It’s a personal story, so I’m putting myself out there, but I’m not looking for adulation or pity. I learned from a lot of mistakes in my life and shared them with you all so that you can see there is light at the end of a tunnel. And there is always light at the end of a tunnel.
But I do have a goal, so I have to do this.  I feel that my path is to be a writer and I am excited about ‘Madhead the Crazy Horse’ coming in the autumn. Sarah has done a great job on the illustrations and I know that kids will love this book!
And I’m excited about my crime story ‘Shame so Deep’, (not edited yet)
A lover of reading all my life, I couldn’t believe that I would be capable of writing one! Until I started!
It just shows that anyone of us can do anything as long as we believe in it.
Thanks your instinct.
That’s your guidance from God.

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