Me poor Ma!

My poor Ma has broken her ankle. So she has to rest and not walk on it. At 74, my Ma is very independent and doesn’t like to sit still. It was decided among us sisters that would go and stay in our Christine’s to rest. This was going to be a challenge for her!
To save her from boredom, I decided to bring her out for a little treat today and get her hair done. As she’s on a walking frame and has to keep the leg up, she has to hop on her good leg and she’s not a great hopper! Also her dog Shaggy has separation anxiety so he had to come along in the car. The point being, we couldn’t go too far from the car to the shop, (so that Shaggy could see her!) nor, could we go anywhere with an upstairs.
It was all going grand, as we went to Altered Images Hair Salon in Ratoath and the girl looked after Mammy and Ma enjoyed the banter.
I decided to finish the morning off with a bit of lunch in Cork’s in Ashbourne. (Which is delicious)
As they are building again in Ashbourne and doing road works (a very common affair in Ireland) there was no parking to be got anywhere.
 I had to drop Mammy on the corner, help her onto the bench and quickly move on from the impatient traffic behind me. I had no option but to park on the grass verge across the street.
Shaggy ran out of the car looking for Mammy and after a stressful chase, I got him back into the car. I left the window open for him and he was able to see Mammy across the road.
Next of all a rude obnoxious man decided to shout out from his car window, ‘Do you know you’re not supposed to park there?’ As I tried to explain about the mammy and the dog, he was still giving out!
He went off to report me to the Garda, really! He saw my poor Ma struggling on her walking frame, he knew I had a good reason to park where I was, but the cranky old so and so (He was about 60, I’m sure it won’t be too long till he finds himself in a similar situation) had no sympathy, nor respect for my 74 year old Mother.
The lovely Garda came down to me and he could see my Mother’s circumstances and indeed my dillema and thankfully had no grievance with me.
Thankfully, there are not too many cranky people in the world!

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1 thought on “Me poor Ma!

  1. I didn't decide for her to be put up there I said we all do one nite a week in her home where her friends could call in and she could go to bingo but you were all to busy to do this. As you were all to busy to go to the hospital with her that her grandson had to go with her at 14 years of age. But as usual it's what you want that matters.


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