The days of our Struggles!

As an owner of a construction company, this last recession hit us with a bang! It began in 2007 when the huge construction firms stopped paying the little contractors like my husband! The business suffered huge losses and struggled to survive.
Many of our close friends and business friends lost their business, their homes and some their marriages and some their lives. My husband’s company went from 60 to 6 employees and somehow they managed to keep going. I say they, because it was because of his original 6 dedicated employees and our family members that helped keep Custom Crew Construction LTD going. And of course, my husband’s good maths head!
I tried to help as much as I could and decided to sell some of our un needed clutter around my home. This is what I wrote at the time and shows the funny side of our struggles!

Fairyhouse Market!

We packed up all our treasures
and loaded up the truck,
We piled on layers of clothing
and wellies for the muck!

We hung up our Lipsy dresses
that once graced the fancy clubs
and lined up our red soled shoes
our Carvella’s and our Uggs!

Oh we loved the banter of the markets
And we gave it back as good!
Who knew that market selling
was lying waiting in our blood?

We had our sambo’s ready
and hot steaming flasks of tea,
we had to take our turns running for a wee!
We watched our designer handbags get picked up with delight,
Gucci, Armani, Guess and Juicy
that held great memories of great nights!

The euros were mounting up
as our rails were emptying fast!
Our play stations, D S’s. and DVD’s
staying till the last!

I’m proud of those 5am Sunday mornings
in the rain, sleet, snow and sun,
as Christine and I stayed twelve long hours
till everything was gone!

This last recession was tough and unfair
It savaged and destroyed,
but it reminded us of forgotten values
as more became unemployed.

Laughter and friendship gathered in that Market,
neighbours, posh, poor, sisters and brothers,
all the same, all united, with the same goals,
but like the old Irish that wealth forgot, were now back helping others!

by Jean Murray

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