lessons learnt!

As a Mother, you make a few mistakes when things aren’t going well for your little angels. I did it at least once with each of my children. Not mildly. With guns blazing. You think I would’ve learned after the first quite torturous incident. No, not me.
I was reminded of one such outburst when I signed Yasmin up for the Ward Union Pony Club.
Now, if anybody is reading this from the Ward Union, (especially the DC Katy at the time) I do apologize now for my interference and for the show I made of myself all those years ago! I am in  a much better place these days!
The thing is, there are things that you do at a time and I guess it’s not a problem, because you’re probably not going to bump into the same people again. Until you do! When your next child is dying to be in the Ward Union Pony Club!
Let me explain; My little angel Sarah (now 19) was in the Ward Union Pony Club for three years when she was about ten. To be honest, it’s a great club, where lots of experienced riders give up their free time and their land to teach these kids eventing.
There’s a grand finale with a full week’s pony camp in the posh riding stables at Tattersalls where the kids have a fantastic week of eventing. They also get their grade in pony and stable management.
Each year when the prizes where being given out, (it was a grand ceremony) I waited for my little angel to get hers, but she didn’t. And then the next year. And she didn’t.
 And then on her last year, (she had decided that show jumping was for her), that she was leaving the pony club, she never got that prize.
Oh you know what’s coming. I felt her loss. All the other kids were getting pony rugs and feed and lots of stuff in prizes. And she got nothing.
So like any decent Mother would do, I complained! I complained to every member on the board in my self righteous tone! How they were doing it so wrong. Why can’t every child get a prize? I told them what I thought of their unfairly run club!
Mmmm….. Six years later and I’m back and when I see the familiar faces again, it suddenly dawns on me. Ouch!
I think that God is leaving me here on this Earth for a few more years because I still have many people I have to apologize to!

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