Us Irish Mothers!

As I prepare for my 19 year old daughter to go off on a J1 visa this Tuesday 26th May, I find myself going through another milestone.
My little girl is growing up and it came in too fast! But I’m happy in the knowledge that Sarah is ready to do this. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. She has worked hard in her first year in Art college and in her part time job at Broadmeadows equestrian centre. She showed commitment and dedication and I really think her choice in sport and hobby of horse riding has taught her a great work ethic. As over the years Sarah has had to rise early at 5am each morning in the pitch dark of cold winters to the sunny bright days of summer to prepare her horse for shows and competitions. It also taught her a respect for animals and people alike.
Sarah gained a few little fans in Broadmeadows from the little girls she taught in lessons including her own sister Yasmin, whom Sarah spent a lot of extra time helping her in the last couple of weeks because she is going to miss her little annoying sister more than she thinks.
Yasmin will also miss Sarah a lot as Yasmin really looks up to Sarah.
This has all helped Sarah gain some life experiences that will help her in her new job in Busch Gardens in Virginia where I know she and her new pal Aisling will fit in just fine!
We went through the USIT visa program for Sarah because we wanted some structure as this is her first time to go it alone. Although it is an expensive method, it ticks all the boxes for your precious off spring’s safety. Sarah and Aisling will stay in a dormatory on site and two other girls will be sharing with them.
This will take my once extremely shy little girl out of her comfort zone but it will also be the start of her own independent life and give her some great memories.
How will I cope with three months without picking up my nineteen year old daughter’s knickers from the bathroom floor?
 I may just cope fine. xx

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