It will pass

I have been struggling with my depression lately.
Depression is a funny illness. It’s really hard to describe at times, but for me, there is a lot going on in my life at the moment and although I thought I was doing well, inevitably the load wears me down easily. It begins with me feeling bad about myself, in my mind and then my body doesn’t feel well. There is a numbness, a deadness. It becomes an effort to perform my basic tasks.
Everything is a challenge.
I talk to as little people as I can manage and only to those I feel truly at ease with. At ease with looking like a wreck. I can’t color my hair, do my nails or eyebrows. Or put on make up. I wear the same clothes day in day out. I wash my basics everyday.
At those moments that is all I can manage.
I’m feeling ok today, which means I could function a little bit more. I’m aware that I have to function for my daughters.
I know that God is helping me through this and that I am ok. It is just an illness that will pass.

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