What a fast year!

My daughter Sarah’s first year in IADT college came to an end last night with a fabulous presentation of her class mate’s work for their year 2014/15.
IADT is one of Europe’s top art and design colleges’. It specializes in film production, animation, costume design and theatrical makeup.  Sarah’s chosen course was ‘Set and Stage Design and Production’.
As I sat and watched each student’s six minute film production of their art work, I realized I was watching some amazing talent. These 19 year old young men and women put on a very professional display of their expressions of Art. Each student had been given a different movement of art to design and make into a film. They had to develop their art, act, direct, produce and edit.
Sarah’s task was ‘Cubism’. This style aimed to translate a real form through geometric, abstract and architectural shapes. Sarah had designed a model of a human form with various sized cubes. She chose to act as a maintenance man working in an Art gallery. By accident, he destroys a sculpture. Instead of reporting his mistake, he covers it up by remaking it. He discovers he’s a master at sculpture!
Sarah’s piece was really funny. Sarah is quite shy, so this whole year in Art college brought Sarah out of her comfort shell. She had to work in teams, put her ideas out there, build and perform them. Her tutor Paul was able to get Sarah to believe in herself. My little girl is doing ok!
Well done IADT!

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