Well done Fairyhouse!

We went off to Fairyhouse Racecourse yesterday for the Grand National Day. It was the first glorious sunshiny day at easter time in years. I decided to play safe and go for all the favourites, I couldn’t lose!
I placed my Euro’s wisely on each horse and of course the favourites didn’t win!
I knew they wouldn’t. You see, when the first harsh years of the recession hit us here in Ireland in 2007, I decided I would try to win the lotto. Each week came by and I chose my numbers carefully. I counted favourite numbers with precision. I tried this for a full year before realizing that I wasn’t going to win. God had a different plan for me. I knew this. I heard it in the back of my mind all the time.
He wanted me to earn my money, not win it. I firmly believe that. I felt he guided me towards writing. And of course I did start writing and I have my first book published on amazon as you know, ‘My Beautiful flower’. And I am also writing other books too!
I wisely gave up on the lotto as I know that I would rather spend my few euros than lose them!
 I enjoyed the day at Fairyhouse even after losing my 2 euros on each race. It was fun because my horses were in the lead most of the time so we had a bit of excitement and a giggle when they fell behind!
I also feel sorry for the poor ole horses, there’s a lot of pressure on them to win a race!
Anyway the kids also had a great day as there were lots of entertainment for them also.
Well done Fairyhouse!

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