I am in so much pain!
I was running around getting organized earlier this morning as I’m off to Orlando tomorrow. I booked the dogs into kennels as my hubby has promised to do my back garden while I’m away! Delighted by this prospect, I didn’t want to leave him any excuses not to do it, like the dogs being in the way……..
My three huskies have had the freedom of my garden and have dug many holes and my plants have been well eaten, but now that I have my son Anthony’s wedding next April I need it looking nice.
Back to the pain. As I was multi tasking this morning, I was getting the three very excited woofies into my jeep. I then slammed the door on my thumb! Yes! The pain, the numbing pain, worse than child birth if that is possible! And you know, I went and got my nails done yesterday, all painted shiny red with shellac. And because I’m a scruffy author, who walks her dogs, mucks out ponies and cleans her house, I never get my nails done and now this! Typical!
 I know I’m going to lose my thumb nail but will I get way with it for at least a week looking glamourous in Orlando?

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