The Birds

Every morning I wake up to the birds singing outside my bedroom window. The first chirp starts about 5am and gathers pace and becomes strong by 5.30 and then I’m up. I used to say, ‘Them bloody birds!”
Now I say, ‘Them lovely birds!”I’m delighted to hear them and they remind me to be grateful for the gift of my hearing. What would the world be like without sound?
We take our gifts for granted, as if we are entitled to be able to hear, see, taste, smell and touch. In my brain washing to a more positive me, I became aware of the gifts of my senses and became grateful.
To be able to take pleasure from hearing beautiful bird sounds and seeing our beautiful earth is wonderful. Life is short. I like to get up early to make the most of my day.
When I was little my dad used to love birds and all things nature and would share his knowledge with us, taking us on nature walks and mystery tours. When his depression took him over, he couldn’t find the way back.
I like to think that he’s the little robyn singing in every path I walk as his favorite was the robyn.
And he’s happy now.

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