The Change

For the last two years, my periods became scattered. I was having some night sweats although not too extreme. Recently I had a few weeks of flushes, again, not too extreme. I thought ‘Yey, this is it, I’m going through the change!’ So, just when I thought I had gone through ‘The Change’ I think the change is still changing as I feel after six months with no period that it is coming on now. That’s the thing about  ‘The Change’, your body is changing. It’s shutting down all the production cells and closing up the baby shop. Your body can now relax and enjoy this holiday.
As I had my first period at age 11, it’s not unusual to be in the change at age 48. To be honest I welcomed the change into my life like I’d welcome a new family member. I don’t see it as growing old, I see it as that chapter of having children has now closed for me and I’m delighted. I still feel healthy and young and of course there’ll be no silent fear of getting pregnant (as does happen more often than you think). I had my tubes clamped after I had Yasmin, but there was always those unusual cases where people still got pregnant. I had hoped that wouldn’t be me! I love babies of course, they are adorable, but I am glad that my last baby is now 10 and that we are moving forward in life.
I was lucky with my periods in my life as I never experienced heavy bleeding or severe pain and the change seems to be not too severe either.
 I suppose God couldn’t torture me completely since my mind was mentally ill anyway and I always had to work on that. I couldn’t be distracted with blood gushing from my vagina and physical pain gripping my tummy!
So all in all, I am very positive about ‘The Change’ because I am here to experience it and it is life.
I love life! Thank you

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