Positive Thinking!

After struggling with depression most of my adult years, (It’s in My Beautiful Flower), It’s very important for me to wake up with a positive attitude each morning. This doesn’t come naturally to me  of course, I was in a negative frame of mind for a lot of years, (which by the way is a path to depression), so I have to work on it. I’m very aware that I have to brain wash myself each day into positive thinking. I start this off by being grateful each morning. I looked out of my sunroom window this morning and a beautiful sun was rising in the east. I admire the beauty and I thank God for my beautiful day of life.
In the past, I would look at all the things I had to clean and do for the day with resentment. Now, I don’t focus on those things right away, I focus on the present moment. I was also taught this by my counsellor Linda Keen (who wrote a book on parenting, really good!) who tried so hard to get me to live in the moment, which is really the key to not worrying needlessly.
Anyway Linda, you’ll be glad to know that now I’m ‘Not just trying!’ ‘I’m doing!’ As you used to say to me.
Thanks Linda.xxx Jean

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