A Personal Assistant!

Oooh space is getting tight in this kitchen these mornings. I’m up since six am with Yasmin, who actually woke up a few times during the night counting the days till she is going to Orlando!
Anthony jr followed after us, then Anto sr 25, then Sarah 19, then Shauna 17 (my sister Sharon’s daughter is staying for a week while her Mam is having a well deserved break with the girlfriends)!
Dogs came in next (my three huskies) and Catherine 32 (our niece) is still in bed.
It’s very busy when you have a full house, feeding them, cleaning after them, washing their clothes, walking the dogs, basically managing them all. I guess I am their personal assistant really.
When I start making a few bobbers from my writing, the first thing I am getting is a cleaner, one that will iron too! I would need her every day so I would need to make a lot of dosh!
Anyway, although Yasmin is 10, because of her difficulties (it’s in my book!) she is like a four old in her management skills and behaviour. She gets really excited if we’re going anywhere and she can’t sleep for weeks! The downside of this for me is that I also get as little sleep and I end up going away exhausted (but I’ll battle through!)
Myself and my friend Catherine and her daughter Aoife and Yasmin are off to Orlando on a girly holiday next week. I’m really looking forward to it myself also as there is nothing like a holiday without men! We’ll be able to shop in peace, we’ll be able to go to all the parks, we’ll be able to talk all day, it’s going to be fab!
 And there’ll be the added bonus of no snoring!

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