St Patrick’s Day in County Meath!

Well, it’s a beautiful morning outside! The sun is shining and it’s a crisp 6 degrees across Ireland today! Nice and fresh! No rain today! YEY!
We’re going to dress up in our green finery and this year we’re heading to our local parade in Ratoath Village at 12am.
 There will be plenty of farmers pulling their carts full of cows and sheep. There will be tractors honking their horns and blowing exhaust fumes into the smiley faces of little children waiting eagerly for the floats who will throw out the sweets! There will be the oldest banjo players singing their Irish tunes on their ole trucks!
In the starting line, there will be hundreds of proud wannabies sorting themselves into their little groups, waiting to show off their glory for all to see. They’ll be racing for the starting line in a chance to be glanced at for the prize for the best act!
The proud Rugby teams, GAA teams, Irish dancers, hip hoppers, soccer teams, music society’s, toddlers groups, mammy’s groups, grannies groups will parading for us all in their colorful glory!
But not a fancy dressed, colorful, balloon filled, singing dancing, dragon blowing float will be in sight!
This is Ratoath you know! And we are just making our way out of recession!
But what it will lack in in all that expensive glory, it won’t lack in Community Spirit!
 For everybody will be smiling and shaking hands and even hugging! They will be helpful to all. There will be the best cakes, sandwiches, coffees, teas and pizza’s offered from our best restuarant’s in Ratoath and when the children are all finally happy and fed and treated, we will all race to the pub to have that well deserved pint of Guinness!
Happy Paddy’s Day to

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