I’m so pissed!

I hate going to the hairdressers!
 Even though I’m a hairdresser myself, I don’t trust hairdressers. We really don’t listen to the what the customer wants.
Hairdressers still go by what the person looks like on the day, so, if you’re having a bad day and you’re wearing your trackies, you will get a bad job. Or if you’re shy and timid. you’ll get a timid job! And if you’re wearing no make up…. Forget it, you’ll get some shite haircut! I kid you not. Been there, have the many T Shirts.
 At least I had the decency to throw in the towel when I felt I wasn’t giving the customer what they wanted (It’s in my book).
Anyway, why am I pissed? Well, myself and Sarah went off into town to get our hair done yesterday. It was a beautiful Spring day and everybody in Ireland must’ve needed to go into Dublin yesterday. The traffic was mental. I sent Sarah on in to get her hair started while I got parking. After driving around for 45 minutes, missed my appointment and gave up, headed home. It wasn’t meant to be!
Sarah however stayed and got her hi lites done and a trim and blowdry for the nice price of 190  euros!!
When I saw her last night, there were hardly any hi lites, a bad trim and a bad blowdry.
Come on Posh salon.. Do you really think that we can afford to throw that kind of money away on a bad job? By all means, put your trainee staff on the floor to color, but make sure you choose the feckin colors and charge accordingly for a trainee! And don’t judge a person by what they look like when they arrive in your salons. I can garauntee that the mousiest person that walks inside your door is the most funnest and adventurest. A good hairdresser will encourage a customer to speak about themselves and then you will get a glimpse of their lifestyle.
So there you go. I will be coloring my own hair today and trimming it myself!

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