Me Year!

Ok, so it’s the 12th March, but this year I’m going to concentrate on my health and my looks. To be fair, you can’t really wear your make up while walking the woofies in the mucky fields in Meath, or have your shelac nails mucking out your pony. And after doing all of that, cleaning my house!
There is a reason author’s got the name ‘scruffy’. In my case it’s sit down in front of my computer when ever I can after tending to our animals. Of course once I’m at the computer on a role for writing, I can be there for hours.
So, I often arrive at the school to pick up Yasmin looking quite scruffy!
But no, it’s time to take stock! I’m going to make a better effort on myself.
So, Sarah (my 19 year old daughter) and myself set off to the doctor yesterday. Poor Sarah is in her first year in Art College and is suffering massive headaches and I needed to go get bloods as I am sure I’m going through the change at the very young age of 48! (I’ll go into that later).
We also went for our eyes tested! As it’s been about 25 years since my last eye test and I’m half blind using all the Penny’s glasses, I said I think it’s time to get proper ones. I’m always weary about proper glasses as I know they end up costing a fortune and I wasn’t wrong! We went to the new eye place in Ratoath village where there’s a lovely female eye Doctor. She was very thorough and I was glad to give some local support to our village.
 However, I was relieved that I don’t have any problems besides old age eye sight problems. I then booked myself and my Ma in for our nails and toes to be done on Saturday and I’m really considering the permanent eyebrows as mine are definitely on the baldy side. I’ll think about that one as I know its expensive but I know it would be fab! My hair also needs a good sorting as I’m a fuzzy mess, (As a hairdresser myself, I’m too fussy to trust anyone else with a sizzors! Another story, another time)
But, I’m determined this week for sure to get it chopped!
I’ll keep you

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