It’s a beautiful day!

Now that I have entered the world of blogging, into unknown territory, I thread carefully.
It’s kind of like keeping a diary but it’s open for anyone to read. I find I’m at my best for writing at 6am in the morning when the house is quiet, but this morning the sky was crisp and bright and a beautiful sunrise was there to greet me as I opened my sunroom blind on the east side.
The dogs were already playing excitedly and God help my neighbours, our dogs antics in the early hours of the morning must drive them crazy!
The winter went in very fast and I can see the Spring sunshine reaching longer into my back garden each day, which is now a mess, thanks to my woofies!
There’s a reason they call it a Spring clean, because during the long dark winter days, we don’t notice the mud, when the sun shines, we can see it all!
After I get the family off to their school, college and work, I’ll take my three huskies out on a walk through the village. I had a great time walking them through the fields until last week Skye the female grabbed a baby calf from the next field! I got such a shock! The other two then joined in on the attempted kill! Thankfully, I got them of the baby calf before they hurt her and the calf return to its mam safe. I can tell you, my husky Skye is an angel in the house and with children, but now I’m going to have to be more cautious, she’s lost her freedom now and will be kept on a lead now in future. What can I do!

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