Testing! Testing!

This is my first blog post! I am really excited to have a blog, but as with all my adventures into technology, I’m not sure I am doing it right, but like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.
So, I have written my first book ‘My Beautiful Flower’ and it has been published by Austin Macauley Publishers in London. It was released yesterday on Amazon as an E-Book for the small sum of 4 euros!
This book is my personal story of my struggles with depression and my daughter Yasmin’s struggle with her disability. Through helping Yasmin with her difficulties, I find my lost self and realize that gratitude for everything in life is the key to my happiness.
Yasmin is my little angel!
I look forward to any feedback on my book and will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.
Glad to meet you!        jean

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3 thoughts on “Testing! Testing!

  1. Each morning I get up at 6am to go through my emails, pay any bills online, check my Author central page on Amazon to see how my book is doing and do a bit of writing also. I find this time in the morning when the kids are still in bed is heaven for me! I enjoy my first cup of coffee in peace!


  2. So, I got up at 6.45 this morning and everybody was up behind me. My three huskies needed food and fight for the first cuddle, trust me, as I sit in front of my computer at the kitchen table, Skye, Storm and Sully are poking their noses under my hands for more attention! Don't they know I'm trying to write in peace at this hour of the morning? Yasmin comes in then, my ten year old daughter, she wants food, plays with the dogs, makes lots of noise and now Sarah is up! Sarah 19, is off to work at the horse yard today and she wants her cup of coffee just the way I make it…. Clever. So now that I have fed them all, it's time for my second cup of coffee. YEY


  3. The difference between a man and a woman… a man who has the flu will go to bed early, will stay in bed late in the morning; A woman who has the flu has to just get on with it! My positive thought to keep me going? Anto sr, Anto jr, Cath, Sarah and Yasmin will be gone to school work and college and I will have the house to my self! Peace!


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